Monday Inspiration: Top Pins for the week (with many DIY ideas!)

Hello 1st Monday of December! Hope you're in a Merry mood. Have you already got all your Christmas presents? I have to admit, I’m still missing more than half of them, which is typical of me. I actually don’t mind getting in a festive rush year after year, I would even say I quite enjoy it. Even the crowds in the stores, don’t seem to bother me (well, not yet!)

If you haven't dug out the decor or still looking to create stylish and modern look this season then this post might give some ideas. Have a look and try one out!

Fake an outdoor Christmas tree with a well-placed twinkly light silhouette... It wouldn’t be the holidays without twinkly lights.

Delicate fresh wreaths

Homemade garlands!


These little rustic trees are so sweet & SUPER easy to make, not to mention cost next to nothing. Follow this link

Advent Calendars... PSSST click on images, these are all DIY, you're welcome!

The Christmas Branch... So many options!

Minimal Star Garland Gift Wrapping DIY. I also have saw this year, lots of string garland at Homesense & Winners! 

I love keeping things minimal, which is a goal year after year for pretty much everything in my life. I hope I have inspired you to try one of these DIYs above or at least inspired you for your hunt for some Christmas decor! 
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Mallory Lennon