Interior Design: Step 1 of the process

Ohh heyyy! How do you do, we've made these Interior Design Process Steps just for you! All rhymes aside, our clients always start with... "How does it work?" followed by, "How much does it cost?". The process of design is crucial and given that it takes an average of 4 years to learn the interior design process in school, I wanted you to avoid having to take any exams. Now every studio or firm may have a different process (in addition to a wardrobe of black attire and acronyms you've never heard of). So take this with a grain of salt – this is just our process and we've laid it out over 6 STEPS. 

STEP #1 Goal: Client goals, needs and requirements are discussed. We typically visit the site (unless new construction).

We typically do not charge for Initial Consultations at Reimagine Designs, so don't expect us to be giving you design advice on the spot. We are there to listen to your project goals, discuss budget and determine if it is a good fit. 

Often a couple of designers are interviewed or invited to bid on a project. Sometimes a client just knows who they want to partner with. Typically, the designer will have a portfolio of projects to review and possibly examples of their process:

Our ridiculous passion for design is not hard to notice. We are so grateful everyday to be able to help clients achieve their design dreams and we want to give that same feeling to YOU. 

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Mallory Lennon