Interior Design: Step 4 of the process

The goal for Step 4: Design Development is to refine and develop the design so most major design decisions have been made.  Essentially, the preliminary layout of structural systems.  
Reimagine Designs: Step 4

And as decisions continue to be made, we develop the schematic drawings from STEP 3 into permit documents. Finalizing the size of the rooms and spaces, refining the look, selecting materials, furniture layouts, determining the systems, and deciding on door and window types and locations.

This phase may also include several owner/designer meetings, which are critical to finalizing decisions so the detailed documentation can begin in the next phase. Information from other consultants, like the structural engineer, is developed and coordinated with the design drawings. Specifications for materials, fixtures/appliances, assembly details, and relevant code information are incorporated into the project.  Recommendations from trades, suppliers, and manufacturers are added to the drawing set.  The homeowner continues to make decisions at a more specific level of detail (four or six burner gas range, which direction do the windows open, etc?)

Mallory Lennon