Our Shop Front


Opening up a storefront was as much a personal milestone as it was a stepping stone for Reimagine Designs. We had an early dream of having a storefront so that we could extend our design services, and also venture into a brick and mortar storefront to bolster our already booming online sales.

We needed a space that would reflect the essence of the company we had already built, and that could also allow our amazing clientele to sit, touch and choose from our quality curated selections. 

We found that perfection earlier than expected, when we finally decided to visit a vacant storefront of downtown Queen Street. The second I stepped past the threshold, I knew this would be the future site of Reimagine. 


The former G. E. George's Clothing & Footwear building was one of the oldest businesses on Queen Street. It was operated by two generations over 84 years, the last 74 at this location - the owner retired in 2010, and remained vacant until we took possession. The building owners did well of paying homage to George's as the iconic sign hangs in the residential staircase of the building's apartments. 


Our vision was to create a detailed and sophisticated space. We were lucky in that we pretty much had a blank canvas to begin with, but we had to be creative with the use of space. 


Not only was this one of the biggest projects renovating and designing the store, I was also anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby #2. For a while, the running joke was that the arrival of the baby and the store opening were in a race. Our second daughter was born mid-August, and the shop opened the following week. It was pretty chaotic trying to care for 2 kids under the age of 3, but we came out on the other side with a shop we're pretty darn proud of!