48 Per Pack

2.7" (Width) x 5.25" (Height) Each

Add a distinct fashion statement to your home with these unique flamingo pattern wall decals. They are perfect for a wide variety of decor spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and and laundry rooms. If you are looking to bring the unique, elegance of nature into your home, then look no further!

Each flamingo wall sticker stands in its natural state, on one leg, as flamingos likely do in nature to conserve heat. This standard form of the flamingo is a bold statement of elegance, sophistication, and grace - surely a great testamet to any home!

These flamingos go great in a pink, red, or white in any complementary decor setting.

  • Quick Installation (Easy to Understand Application Instruction Included)
  • No Hassle of Painting
  • Cut from Specialized Vinyl (with no edges or backgrounds) Specifically Designed for Home Décor. 
  • Matte Finish
  • Lasts for Many Years
  • Can Easily be Removed (Cannot Be Re-Used)
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