AIM Stump - Whitewash

AIM Stump - Whitewash


AIM Handmade is a BC based manufacturer specializing in locally designed and produced furniture. Their "aim" is to create unique, high quality handmade wood pieces using the best available raw materials. The AIM Coffee Table features crisp, clean lines, a sublime contrast of natural and contemporary materials and superior craftsmanship.

+/- 16"H x Various Diameter
*each piece is unique and will vary in shape and size
Material: Fir
Colour: whitewash 

"AIM Handmade arose from a desire to create a small line of thoughtfully produced handmade goods designed and built in limited runs by the two of us, Mark and Angel. We are committed to using the best quality, locally sourced raw products, we use only water based, low voc glues and clear coats. Most of our packaged materials are made from recycled content."

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